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Wade Arledge Lawyer has vast experience in handling cases pertaining to Estate Law, Criminal Law, and DWI/DUI charges. Wade Arledge excels in personally guiding you through these complex legal processes and explaining each step. Whether you need legal advice or action, Wade Arledge Lawyer is here to represent you and your unique needs. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Estate Law

You don't have to hope for the best. You have the ability to outline all of your wishes and desires in your will and ensure that it is legally binding. In addition, with Wade Arledge Lawyer, you'll get far more than just a legal hand in creating your will. Let us help you with all of your estate planning needs, including trust establishment, guardianship, probate court, living wills, and power of attorney establishment. Call Wade Arledge Lawyer for your consult today!

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