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Wade Arledge Lawyer

Serving Comal County since 1985

Wade Arledge has been providing legal work for the people of Comal County and the State of Texas since 1985. He and his office family know how quickly complications can arise, and more importantly, how to work together with you towards the best outcome possible in every circumstance. We want to help you understand the rights and the issues, both factual and legal, that apply to your situation.  

Judge and Gavel

Committed to
Your Legal Needs

“It is not how the shot looks but where it ends up that matters” A philosophy good for Golf and the Law.

Wade and his people work hard to ensure that you are treated fairly, and want you to be informed about the details of your case as they evolve. He has been engaged in the criminal as well as civil practice, both office and trial work, since he was graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law and moved to New Braunfels.  Wade also enjoys Elder Law, since after all, he is an Elder himself.  Life is a journey to make for us all. Wade practices all across Texas and likes to travel.

On a more personal note, Wade is an adventurer, a carpenter, mechanic, maritime and freshwater sailor/cruiser, private pilot retired alive, teller of tales, and singer of sentimental ballads; a lover of most all people, good friends, good food, good stories, reading and writing, teaching, history, which is life itself, the underdog, and our America the Beautiful.  

Wade understands the balance struck by our Founders and is proud of his work in the best legal system in the world. He believes that Democracy can be challenged by those who want to rule for personal gain or just plain power.  He believes that Money or Might may bring power, but not always Justice.  

The power comes from us, the judges, and the juries, We the People.

Justice does not mean “just us”.

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