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Make key decisions about your estate now

You have the right to create a will that's legally binding to ensure your estate is managed properly. Let attorney Wade Arledge help you to do just that.


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Establish your wishes now and protect your future

You don't have to hope for the best. You have the ability to outline all of your wishes and desires in your will and ensure that it is legally binding. Let us help you to establish your will and you'll benefit in various ways.

  • Get comprehensive advice and guidance from an unbiased source
  • Trust in our legal team to ensure your will is as accurate as it can be
  • Avoid complications, manage it annually, and get execution services, too

Let our team handle all of your estate needs

You'll get far more than just a legal hand in creating your will. Let us help you with all of your estate planning needs, including:

  • Will creation and execution
  • Establishment of trusts
  • Guardianship
  • Probate court
  • Living wills
  • Power of attorney

You have questions and we can answer them. Come in, talk to us today, and get your estate plan written.

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